Architectural expression in modern society

Among the abysmal surrounding of the cosmos and the breathtaking enchantment of Earth, stand a number of quintessential contemporary achievements in architecture that have made a landmark for the geographical masses bound by the continental borders. Some of these man-made architectural wonders are still a mystery for normal people that need to be demystified while some are simply a visual delight that you can't stop gazing at. Architecture has immensely flourished in the past decades and will continue to prosper long into the future. Among this, it is certainly uncertain that a world of design and architectural trend- need to be deeply appreciated.

Did you know the famous Pyramids of Giza that are an incredible masterpiece of architectural work is still a mystery, and they are so precisely built to be aligned to the stars and the solstices that some scientists also believe them to be a part of the alien conspiracy theory? This fun fact has also ignited the interest that often comes with architecture since buildings and structures are often built with a story that a select few will still understand to this day.

Foundation terminology of modern architecture

Architectural techniques in the modern contemporary world have changed drastically. You can easily differentiate between the intricate designed engravings in stone, limestone or marble of traditional architectural monuments and the newer, more innovative technology and construction of modern architecture. Unlike the traditional monuments, these bona-fide architectural masterpieces stand upon the foundation of glass, steel and reinforced concrete. The prime ideas behind all modern architecture revolves around minimalism, functional utility and the rejection of ornamental decorations. If you think that modern architectural techniques are the newcomers in the industry then you are probably mistaken because the trend for modern architecture began in the years following World War II and then it was used for the primary designs for corporate as well as educational institutions until postmodern architecture replaced it.

curved glass bridge TMarvels of Modern Architecture

Ever heard about the curved glass bridge overlooking the edge of the Grand Canyon? Here again is a modern marvel that would make you feel like you are standing 4000 feet above the Canyon floor? Scary- yet thrilling isn't it? That's something that we humans have created through the modern architectural techniques by solving some of the cranky equations of physics and precise measurements thanks to engineering. Some of the other enchanting and stunning reflections of modern architecture includes the Sydney Opera House by Jam Utzon, Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier, TWA flight center by Eero Saarinen, and even the futuristic skyline of Chicago as envisioned by the designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. There are places that can thrill the inner kid out of you and make you feel like you are somewhere in the future where an entire sci-fi city is waiting for you to step right into. You can't help but appreciate the architects who put their heart and soul in making the structures what they are now.

How long will these structures stand?

This is a question that everyone asks. Well if you have been searching ever seen or heard about the ruins of Sun Temple at Konark and the condition in which the breathtaking monument stands in today's date, then automatically you will sympathize any man-made marvels that you find fascinating. Preservation is often necessary for any building and so maintaining these architectural masterpieces is also necessary. Though stronger than the traditional architectural materials of modern day, maintenance is still necessary for making the structure look how they look now.