The Elegant Architecture of Casinos

The Elegant Architecture of Casinos

Since the 18th Century, casinos have being built all over the world and they continue to be a sensation to many. Some of them continue to draw their crowd and some of them have been built and rebuilt again, others continue to sites of luxurious events and movie scenes. These building features history, art and sheer monumental creativity put together in architecture. Let's take a brief swipe at the elegant architecture of casinos.

The Belle Epoque ZThe Belle Epoque

The Belle Epoque was an attractive casino concept during the 1900's, in Romania, Europe. Designed by the Ercole dex Beaux art graduate of name Daniel Renard, in which his design was chosen after another architect also presented a second design. The architectural theme is based on the Beaux art and the Art Nouveau. At the time, it was the only representation of the Art Nouveau in Romania. Not to be surprising Romania was only established as a country in 1859 with much of their culture imported from Italy and France. The Belle Epoque features designs filled with marble girdles and columns built very high. The building was refurbished again around 1986 although the current Romanian workforce finished the work haphazardly and takes away from the grand appearance it could have been. Although it was intended to attract the wealthy class of the time and was largely seen as a monument in Romania, it never became a functioning casino to this day.



Casino de Constant ECasino de Constant

Casino de Constants was built in the 1880 in the city of Rome. It was first built as wood by the side of the black sea and passed through some wars like the Turkish-roman wars after which it has rebuilt again and designed by Daniel Renard with the theme of the Beaux arts and the Art Nouveau which was the best architectural theme at that time and then again in 1912, this time it was designed by a French called E.P. Goue. The Casino de Constanta received so much criticism at the time both from visitors and the citizens alike. Nevertheless, it attracted the rich and wealth of the world.




Casino Wiesbaden VCasino Wiesbaden

The casino Wiesbaden designed by Friedrich on Thiersch is located in Weisbaden, Germany popular known as the spa town and has been a tourist site attraction for just its architecture alone. It is a building that displays the richness of Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque and designs from Corinth and griffins frieze history. You can relive history which adorn its wall. The main entrance is characterized by a dome of an amazing height of 21m. Gracing the piers that holds the dome is the sculptures of the Greek gods and other very attractive drawings. The interiors are very lush, with small and cozy rooms, event halls that make brings art and nature together. These rooms also take the names of great men in the German history, designed by Fritz Erler and Alexander von Salzmann.




Casino de Monte Carlo RCasino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo was a beautiful Casino of its time It had a measure of history in front of it, owing from how difficult it was to raise money for the casino to be built in Monaco but after that, it was a big hit. His casino was designed by Garnier and Dutrou in 1879. It was designed with a theme of high luxury and discretion. First is the design of its entrance that is lush with a very opulent design. It has been used to stage many high hits movies in the past like the James bond movies. It embodies great arts such as the Art Nouveau decorative paneling on the basis of Beaux art. This summarily tips it all as this rich architecture has been prominent in Europe not until 1860. Its theme arises from the roman Baroque and Italian renaissance. It features sculptures, murals, mosaics, pedimented and arched doors and rich classic detailing, like the brackets and supporting consoles, acroteria and cartouches. It remains a destination for the high end wealthy that speaks only of luxury.

Of course the elegant allure of a finely designed casino may not be available for everyone and at times these casinos are often expensive and require evening attire that matches the nature of the casino itself. Since the birth of the internet however, the rise of the online casino has presented a larger trend to scale-down land based casinos. Many of these sites require a sign up or registration however there is a growing interest to play these online casino games for free. Not only does this allow nearly anyone to try the games without risk, they can get an understanding at how the games work and what the odds of winning happen to be. You can see many of these games for free right here.